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Summer Camps

We offer a variety of summer theater camp experiences where young people have the opportunity to take part in acting, musical theater (song & dance), and technical theater (stage crew, design & construction). Our camps are production-based and give students a well-rounded theatrical experience from the very beginnings of the rehearsal process to the performance in a fully produced show with lights, sound effects, music, sets and costumes.

Upcoming Theater Camps

    • Mon, July 08, 2024
    • Sat, July 27, 2024
    • 16 sessions
    • East Troy High School
    • 8

    Despite all odds, Horton and Gertrude band together

    to save the Whos, free Horton,

    and restore peace and unity to the Jungle of Nool.

    Seussical JR teaches the beauty of being unique, and the importance of friendship, loyalty, and love. It is a wonderful musical that allows for many students to shine throughout the show. There are many features and roles for all ages and experience levels.

    At Wisconsin Theater Artswe inspire curiosity, engage our young actors to make connections, and educate them through the transformative power of musical theater.

    Kids and teens between the ages of 9-16 of all experience levels are welcome and encouraged to join our three-week camp that offers a high-energy, engaging, and memorable summer camp experience! We know they'll walk away having built a new repertoire of performance skills. 

    Does your child/teen already have  A LOT of theatrical experience? WONDERFUL! This camp is the perfect opportunity for those with experience to continue their theater journey and challenge them to step beyond their current experience and expand their knowledge through deeper character study and development to enhance their acting, learning vocal harmonies within the plethora of songs this musical incorporates, and further their dance training.

    Would this be your child's/teen's FIRST experience being in a musical? AWESOME! Those campers who are at the beginning of their theatrical journey will learn all the basics of acting, singing, and dancing and be mentored by our incredible interns. They are sure to learn a ton and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

    All summer camp enrollees will experience the entire production process from auditions to performance. 

    Auditions will take place on the first day of camp and casting will follow. There are roles for everyone and plenty of acting, singing, and dancing for all throughout this musical.

    Want to learn more about all the characters needed for Seussical JR? Click HERE.

    Throughout the rehearsal process campers will work on musical theater basics, character development, improvisation, stage movement, singing, and dancing.  Some singing experience (school music class, school choir, prior musical theater experience) is very helpful, but not required. 

    Summer Theater Camp culminates in a 60-70 minute ticketed production open to family and friends to attend. With songs, dances, and high-energy material great for performers of all ages, Seussical JR is sure to be an unforgettable experience! 

    Director/Choreographer: Patti Punzi

    Director/Musical Director: Peter Punzi

    **We will also have at least 2-3 interns to assist the directors throughout the three weeks of camp. Interns will also become stage crew for the performance and participate in the show itself as additional ensemble. Our lead interns are young people who have years of experience doing theater and currently pursuing theater arts in college.**



    Youth Ages: 9-18*

    (Children age 8.5 MAY be allowed to register for camp with DIRECTOR'S APPROVAL ONLY.)

    Dates: July 8, 2024 - July 26, 2024

    Time: Monday - Friday from 10am - 3pm

    Location: East Troy High School (3128 Graydon Ave, East Troy, WI, 53120)

    Performance Date/Times:

    Saturday, July 27, 2024

    1st Performance @ 2:00pm (campers must arrive at 12:00pm to prep)

    2nd Performance @ 6:00pm

    **ATTENDANCE IS ESSENTIAL. Theater is a team based activity, and absences impact the whole group. Only one conflict is excused during the first two weeks of camp (with the exception being illness or an emergency). If you have any conflicts with the final week of camp and/or the performance date then please refrain from registering.


    All registrations are processed in the order they are received. Only payment in full will secure your spot. Registrations will be accepted until the camp is full or until the registration deadline, whichever comes first. Once your registration is processed, you will receive confirmation and further camp details via e-mail. Please ensure you check your spam folder or promotions folder(Gmail users) for these emails.

    Waiting List

    A waitlist is enabled for summer theater camp. If the camp is full, make sure to sign up for the waitlist. Cancellations sometimes happen OR we are able to add a few more campers if we have enough interns to ensure everyone's safety. If there are any cancellations, we will add students from the waitlist in the order they were received.


    Camps fill up quickly so please ensure that all camp dates/times work for your child and your schedule. A $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged if a camper is unenrolled 31 days or more prior to camp starting, and a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged if a camper is unenrolled 30 or fewer days prior to camp starting. Prepaid tuition, less fees, will be refunded. No refunds will be given after the camp session begins. For more detailed information, please view our policies section during the registration process.


    When students join any of our programs, they will be expected to participate in a safe manner, demonstrating respect for others and for property. If a student violates any rules or creates an unsafe situation for staff or other students, we reserve the right to remove the student from the class/summer camp. Wisconsin Theater Arts is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen personal belongings. 


    All camps will culminate in TWO live, ticketed performances. Performance date and times are listed above. Friends and family are encouraged to attend one or both performances. All audience members must purchase tickets. Parents will be given a total of four (4) comp tickets (per registered camper) as a part of registering their child(ren). 

    Ticket information for performances will be sent home during the first week of camp.

    Camp T-Shirts

    Camp t-shirts with the SUESSICAL JR logo will be available for pre-purchase (during the registration process) and students will receive their shirts prior to show weekend.  T-shirts are fabulous for the campers to wear on the day of performance to and from and any other day they choose. These become wonderful mementos and just plain fun to wear! Pricing is listed in the registration section.

    Costumes & Camp Attire

    Wisconsin Theater Arts will provide most costume elements, however we may ask you to send your child in a particular color “base layer” for their performance (ex. green top, black leggings). Parents/guardians will be informed of any costume recommendations with ample time to plan, and there is no expectation of having to purchase costume pieces. However, we may require your child to wear a certain type/color of tennis shoe or dance sneaker for the performances.

    Students must wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in since they will be learning choreography. Clothing options could be: t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, leggings, athletic pants, etc.. Ladies, no revealing clothing items, please. Even though it'll be summer, we'll be working in an air conditioned environment so bringing along a sweatshirt or long-sleeve shirt is always a good idea. Open-toed shoes, flip-flops, crocs, nor bare feet are NOT permitted while attending camp.

    Jazz Dance Sneakers work best for musical theater rehearsals and performance.  Regular tennis shoes/sneakers are also acceptable for rehearsal as long as they are not the slip on style as those do not provide enough foot support. If you are in need of dance sneakers or dancewear, feel free to visit our page at Discount Dance Supply:


    More about the audition and performance process....

    “There are no small parts, only small actors” (Konstantin Stanislaviski)

    Stanislavski was the “father of modern acting”. He revolutionized the craft of acting. Not just for lead performers, but for the actors with small parts and for background actors and ensemble. Prior to Stanislavski, actors who were cast in small roles or in the ensemble often gave “smaller” performances. This means their acting lacked a sense of purpose. Their characters lacked depth and commitment and it was more like they were spectators versus performers.

    Stanislavski found this unacceptable. When he arrived on the scene he expected his actors to truly engage in their roles with “equal commitment” regardless of the role size.

    When Stanislavski’s company, the Moscow Art Theater, toured around the world, spectators immediately noticed the change he had made. Audiences now saw ALL the actors, even those with smaller roles or those in the ensemble, move with a sense of purpose and perform their characters with depth and truth. There was a full commitment by every actor on the stage to achieve their character’s objective no matter if they had hundreds of lines, a handful of lines, or none at all.

    Wisconsin Theater Arts follows this same philosophy. No matter the size of the role, we expect our actors, our performers, to be true to their characters and create realistic representations on stage. Every single role in a play or musical has purpose otherwise it wouldn’t be there. We expect every cast member to have full commitment to their performance regardless of the size of the role they’ve been cast in.

    (Stanislavski info from:

Throughout the theater camp experience students will not only focus on theater and technical arts, but they will explore and hone their skills in:

  • creativity and imagination
  • self-confidence
  • cooperation and collaboration
  • problem solving
  • trust, empathy, and compassion
  • communication skills
  • aesthetic appreciation

Whether you’re an experienced performer looking to hone your theater arts skills or someone who wants to try acting/musical theater/technical theater for the first time--our camps are perfect for you.

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